Our Story

Frame Raid was conceptualized because of the seemingly similar looking visuals: be it pictures, graphics or videos- doing the rounds all around us. We decided that we needed to do something; to enter an arena where there were going to be more wrong experiments than right. But we moved ahead- always trying to achieve one thing; the feel of the product or service. Whatever we were going to do; we had to decide on its feel and impact, give it a unique identity. Over the last couple of years, there have been times where we have taken a long time to come up with solutions; to be honest have failed on a couple of occasions in our experiments. But never have we been dishonest in our endeavor of creating something unique and giving each product a feel and life; the life we thought it deserves. Having worked with start-ups, big companies, new as well as established authors, shop owners, and several other such people; we have prided ourselves in being 100% in the job we’re given and more often than not; have made our mark. But it’s only a beginning, and we hope there will be many more fruitful relationships wherein we’ll continue to think beyond the conventional and create a different zone for ourselves: the Frame Raid zone!