Choosing Your Logo Designer

    What is a Logo?
    Logo is a brand image, something that instantly makes people remember the company immediately. Think about all the logos- the Apple logo of bitten apple, the Microsoft logo, the Nike logo, the Mercedes Logo, Amazon logo. Apart from the thought that went in the making, over the years the logo became the brand image. That’s what the power of logo is- if done well, it’ll define your brand.
    What Makes a Good Logo?
    A good logo has to capture your brand’s identity. Is it going to be solid, is it going to be classy or stylish? It simply is about the look and feel of your brand, and what your brand stands for. Look, for example, the DLF Logo. It has three solid letters- DLF. Along with that lies a pyramid which consists of few blocks. This simple logo engulfs the idea of a construction company like no other can. While the letters convey solidity, pyramids with building blocks show the longevity and that it has been built block by block, also the process of building itself.
    Looking Through the Portfolio!
    From the designer or agency portfolio, you need to be able to look at the thought process of the designer. A usual portfolio might consist of some off-beat designs intertwined with some regular ones- which also goes about with the budget and client requirement. But mostly, look for something that stands out. If nothing stands out, you’ll have to ask the designer for a sample, or you could skip the designer completely. If something is different and there is a consistency of good looking designs, try the designer.
    What Designers Offer?
    There are usually 2-3 types of ways a logo designer or agency works. The first is making a design on briefs and allowing a couple of revisions to the same. The second is where the designer will start off with anywhere between 3-10 sketches of proposed logo designs. From there, picking up on designs will happen where the client and designer sit and decide on which ones are good to go. Picking either elements of few sketches or only a single design- the process goes digital where colors and nuances are added. A couple of more revisions and font considerations and you’re good to go. Unless there’s a budget issue or are re-making a logo/making it with something precise in mind- go for the second option.
    Hopefully, you’ve understood the process of a logo design. We’ll keep taking case-studies of more logos, including our own, to explain what was the process really. Meanwhile, if you need a logo, we’re here to deliver exactly that, drop hidden messages, create a great looking logo that is more than an eye-candy and has a meaning in it. Contact us now for logos and other branding of your company.

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